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You & God

We see faith development as a journey and we’d love to walk this journey with you.

Perhaps you are very new to the idea of exploring faith; you aren't alone - many people want to meet and talk about things for the first time, and any question or thought you may bring is fine. We have specific courses for those who want to begin exploring the Christian faith: The Alpha Course and Reason to Believe (see below), but we'd love to simply meet up and get to know you whether a course suits you or not.

Feel free to call us. And if you wish, do join us for some fun! Check out our What’s on page for Ale Evenings, Barbecues, Bonfires, games evenings and walks, all great opportunities to get to know each other and make new friends.

For those who have already started your journey of faith and are ready for more, have a look at the 'Individual Development' section on the left of this page.

Alpha Course logoIf you had the opportunity to ask God a question and you knew he had to answer, what would you ask? Alpha is a great place to explore the Christian Faith, to ask questions in a friendly environment and discover together.

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Is it reasonable to believe a Bible that’s been changed, to follow a God you can’t see and particularly in a world of suffering? Come and hear Mark Greenwood tackle these and many other serious objections – a real opportunity to get to grips with the nuts and bolts of faith.

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