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St John's Church Communities

It's great to belong to a community where you are known and feel that you can positively contribute to the life of the group.

Photo of two women at St. John's ChurchThe word ‘church’ simply means gathered community, and here at St. John’s Church we aspire to be an authentic community of faith-filled Christians.

It is through our communities and friendships that we hope individuals gain a deep sense of belonging.

We aspire to be welcoming and interested in all those who come our way. So if you need a social home in Kenilworth why not try us out - you may well make some great friendships!


We also recognise that people naturally relate in different expressions of community. Some people like to belong to something big and busy with lots going on. Others may prefer a smaller more reflective community. Its a bit like your preference for a local restaurant or pub: where are you most at home? St. John’s church is made up of several communities which express life and faith in slightly different ways. You can find out about each by clicking the list on this page.


Photo of five people from Knights Meadow ChurchWe are all one

Of course it needs to be said that all our communities interlink and overlap; people may often visit each other across the different groups. We are particularly keen to see people of different ages connect well together, with the wisdom of the old helping the less experienced, and the energy of the young enlivening the old.

Contributing to Community

If you wish to truly belong, then it would follow that you want to bring all that you are to the group. One wonderful metaphor for church used in the bible is ‘The body of Christ’. The idea of each member bringing gifts and qualities to the whole body of people puts a great value on each part. In other words, our communities need you!

Spend a moment to discover more about the different communities that make up St. John’s Church - perhaps you will find one that’s right for you!