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11th February 2018

Sent Out. Where are they being sent to? A talk by Gail Philip

Jesus sends out 70 (or 72) disciples: but where are they being sent to? Where is he sending us? The readings are Luke 10:1-4, Matthew 10: 5-6 and Matt. 28: 19

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26th November 2017

The priority of friendship-making - Andrew Attwood

Andrew explains the idea of not having a 10 a.m. service on the 3rd Sunday of the month. He calls it "an explicit commitment to setting aside time for friendship-making", using texts such as Luke 10:1-24 (the sending out of the 72) to back up his reasoning. (Note: there is an extract from a video about 25 minutes into the talk [3 minutes in from the start of the video], but because it is in Swedish with subtitles, the audio from it has been cut short). At the end of the talk Roger Homes describes his experience of building friendships through walking, and Caroline Mara explains the noticeboard that will be in the church.
43 minutes.

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8th October 2017

Harvest - Anthony Manning

Anthony Manning elaborates on the two readings Deuteronomy 8:7-18 and Luke 12:16-30 in the context of the Harvest season. The readings are also included in this audio.
18 minutes, including 6 minutes for the two readings.

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17th September 2017

God's beloved children - a talk by Graham Archer

Graham starts his talk with a recap of the St. John's three-point purpose statement, leading into the main part of his talk. The first verse is from 1 John 3:1, although he says it's from Ephesians. Perhaps he's thinking of Ephesians 1:4-6, which is an expanded version of the same thought. The reading for the day is Matthew 3:16-18, but the centre part of the talk is about the Old Testament "parable" of Hosea [You need to read more than chapter 1, which what the link points to] and the New Testament parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32).
28 minutes.

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2nd July 2017

Toes (washing them) - Andrew Attwood

On the day that our curate, Gail Phillip, became a priest, she celebrated Holy Communion that evening, and so it was her that read the Gospel: John 13: 1-17. Our vicar, Andrew Attwood, preached the sermon, on servant-style leadership.
Bible reading: 3.5 minutes; Sermon: 21 minutes.

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4th June 2017

Jesus the Liberator - by Denise Coomber

Denise reminds us of the freedom that Jesus gives us. The key passage is Romans 8:1-17; see also Galatians 5:1
13 minutes.

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