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Begin again

24th July 2012

Begin again

Photo of a sunrisePeople probably don’t use Tippex much anymore; the white correction fluid to hide mistakes. But I remember using loads of it before computers were the norm, desperately frustrated with myself over my repeated spelling errors and poorly formed sentences. If only there was a correction fluid for life mistakes! I wish I could erase the stupid things I’ve said in the past, rubbing out the unhelpful or harsh comments I’ve blurted out without thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if I could delete a bad day, or re-record a relationship that went wrong.

In my own relationship with God, one of the most common things God says to me is “ Andrew, begin again.” He gives me a genuinely new fresh start whenever I turn to him. Interestingly, when I imagine his voice, his tone is never harsh. Because I have seen and believed in what Jesus has done for me, washing away my selfishness with his sacrifice on the cross, God is revealed as always patient, always for me and never against me.

Do you need a fresh start? Do you carry things that need lifting off your shoulders? Would you like a new day? God cares, and he wants to say to you “My child, begin again.”

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