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13th June 2017

Thereís a moose loose aboot the hoose

Do you want to see him? Read more
5th June 2017

Tiny Dancer

Doing your best for God. Read more
16th May 2017

Enough, already!

Plenty Read more
8th May 2017

Buried Treasure?

Of more value than anything else Read more
24th April 2017

Slip into something comfortable

Liberty and responsibility Read more
10th April 2017

I've got an App for that

Digging Deeper Read more
3rd April 2017

Action replay

What might society look like if this was applied? Read more
23rd March 2017

Engage Auto-pilot

Consciously switching on Read more
2nd March 2017

Salvation? Gimme some more!

Thirsty? Read more
26th January 2017

What's That?

What on earth is it? Read more
19th January 2017

Who killed Cock Robin? Not me, mate.

How to react Read more
5th January 2017

Be like the Gutbucket Five

a-one and a-two and a-one two three four Read more
12th December 2016

Before He Became One Of Us

A frail attempt to capture what I've often wondered about. Read more
8th December 2016

Size doesnít matter?

A crown that fits Read more
1st December 2016

Whatís it all about?

Who exactly is he? Read more
17th November 2016

In the pink

Look out for the refreshed complexions Read more
10th November 2016

Evidence of Things Unseen

You are, and you count. Read more
3rd November 2016

Keep it simple

A sign of maturity Read more
20th October 2016

Not again!

new every morning... Read more
13th October 2016

Here's Hoping

Don't look back, look forward Read more
6th October 2016


For Best Life Read more
29th September 2016

Typos I have known

Not quite right, but we're not alone Read more
22nd September 2016

Gone Fishin'

Your baggage might be just what we need. Read more
16th September 2016

Keep it simple

KISS Read more
8th September 2016

What do you know?

Having to trust is inevitable Read more
1st September 2016

Here come de judge!

The inclination to pronounce a verdict Read more
11th August 2016

Dig for Victory

Work required I'm afraid Read more
28th July 2016

Alive, alive O!

Enhanced in what way? Read more
29th June 2016

The sound of silence

Turn your devices and distractions off for a bit. Be quiet. Read more
22nd June 2016

Slip into something comfortable

or perhaps we have misunderstood... Read more
15th June 2016

Make a fist for me

Why we use His name Read more
8th June 2016

Happy Dog- an update

I'll say it again: Woof! Read more
25th May 2016

Bullet Proof?

Why was he vulnerable? Read more
11th May 2016

Dress Optional?

So what is the right attitude? Read more
23rd April 2016

Footprints in the sand of time

God will remember. Read more
13th April 2016

Stairway to Heaven?

Not the song, something even better. Read more
6th April 2016

A touch of the exotic

Its the relationship that counts Read more
16th March 2016

Best Laid Plans

Way beyond merely exciting! Read more
29th February 2016

All Change

Things won't be the same again Read more
19th February 2016

What do you mean, "Old"?

Plenty to still contribute! Read more
10th February 2016

Green Fingers

Extremely valuable and important Read more
30th January 2016

Pig Pong

Not just talk. Read more
9th December 2015

What's in a name?

Something important about an important person Read more
30th November 2015

Can I have an upgrade?

Where do you think you are in the pecking order? Read more
11th November 2015

Good Heavens

Do you know what it will be like? Read more
14th October 2015

Whistle while you work

Communicating in a more helpful way. Read more
8th October 2015

Know Thyself

The step that takes great courage. Read more
20th July 2015

Reciprocal communication strategy

Language! - Try not to speak in code Read more
14th July 2015

A Faint Smile

Are we unnecessarily reserved? Read more
8th June 2015

Taste and see

Prepared to try something new? Read more
18th May 2015

More tea Vicar?

Don't box God in, go with his flow. Read more
25th April 2015

Letís fast-forward this bit.

Do we need to open our eyes and see what is there - even the bits we don't like? Read more
30th March 2015

Radical Alternative

What on earth is this bizarre Easter Story actually all about? Read more
23rd March 2015

The Green Gene

The conscious decision to be different Read more
9th March 2015

Be prepared

How ready are you? Read more
17th February 2015

I am what I eat

Wholesome stuff Read more
5th February 2015

The jokeís on me

Sniggering and giggling might be more important than you thought. Read more
13th October 2014

Just let me do this first

What are our priorities? Read more
6th October 2014

First, Second, Third, Second, Third, Fourth, Third, Second, First

Adjusting to the pace is important. Read more
30th September 2014

What, no Fail Certificate?

What is hanging on your wall? Read more
20th September 2014

Simply Following

We all want to follow something or someone. Has bad experience got in the way? Andrew has some thoughts. Read more
27th August 2014

Who are you?

Being unique is important, to God. Read more
21st July 2014

Yes we can!

You can really contribute something that will make a difference. You can! Read more
14th July 2014

Building the Family Experience: Family Fun Day 2014

Another fantastic day with our local neighbours and friends, with even more people than last year! Read more
30th June 2014

Well Met

Interested in what it is like to meet him? Read more
23rd June 2014

Is there anybody there?

What is your experience of prayer? Read more
16th June 2014

Decaf Religion

With all the basic oomph removed? Read more
8th June 2014

Advance Friend

Another insightful snippet from Chris T Read more
18th May 2014

Invite a Friend!-Reason to Believe starts 19th June!

Join Mark and friends to explore the big questions that many people want to explore. Who might you bring along? Read more
14th May 2014

Baptisms May 2014

Well done Alex & Ian! Yet more added to God's community Read more
12th April 2014


Who is the party for? Read more
7th April 2014

Listen to an interview with Justin Welby

Really encouraging to get to hear about the man, his life, faith, hopes and goals. Read more
29th March 2014

Touching Hearts

A one minute video describing our focus for the year of 2014 Read more
12th March 2014

Weebles Wobble

How to make decisions Read more
26th February 2014

A Green Plaque

Chris T reflects on what makes a life significant. Read more
10th February 2014

When God is doing something new...

Here are some thoughts Andrew has been sharing with church lately, to do with a growing sense of God's fresh activity. Read more
27th January 2014

Expect what?

What shapes your levels of expectation? More insight from Chris T. Read more
16th January 2014

Take a step closer with Alpha

What do you think it will be like? Do you know what it is? Do you think you might enjoy any of it? Read more
3rd January 2014


Longing for something real? Prepared to wait? Read more
19th December 2013

Promise kept

490 years! Read more
12th November 2013

Little Things mean a lot

Chris T on how to make a positive impression...discreetly. Read more
17th October 2013

£338,000 means what?

What would you say if a group of ordinary people sacrificially gave a big sum to a building project? What does it mean? Read more
1st October 2013

You CAN take it with you!

Did you know what resources are available to you? More thoughts from Chris Thomas Read more
24th September 2013

Can we trust the bible?

David Cheetham returns to provide some amazing insights about the quality of the eye-witness accounts which make up the New Testament Gospels. Read more
9th September 2013

Inspiration to change our building

John Alderman talks about his experience of reordering his church building, and seeing growth and community transformation Read more
15th July 2013

Happy Dog

An uncomplicated woof! Read more
2nd July 2013

The secret that lets you cope with life pressures

Andrew talks about his awareness of his own limitations, and what a difference Jesus makes. Read more
24th June 2013


Andrew describes how, despite years of following, he is still caught off guard by the activity of Jesus. Read more
18th June 2013

Beware Trolleys

Chris Thomas reminds us how simpler life can be. Read more
31st May 2013

Sailing Adventure

Andrew shares some glimpses of a recent sailing trip Read more
16th May 2013

Remember Me

Chris T remembers someone he knew who was a Hollywood star, and explores the importance of real remembering. Read more
6th May 2013

Introducing our work with those struggling with memory impairment

This short video outlines the content and purpose of this simple yet really powerful service for some special people. Read more
29th April 2013

Say what you mean

Another snippet from Chris T. Read more
16th April 2013

Baby you've changed

To add variety to our news I'm delighted to throw into the mix some "snippets' from Chris Thomas. Chris is great fun and very insightful. Do enjoy! Read more
8th April 2013

Plenty to go around

A few thoughts on the endless provision we can receive Read more
26th March 2013

What Jesus thought and believed

As we head towards Good Friday and Easter Sunday, here is a link to a talk I gave recently, about Jesus' own understanding of the cross. A chance to get into the head of this extraordinary man. Read more
14th March 2013

News from Mission Partners in Thailand

Our church supports Gillian and John Robinson who work with CMS. Here is their latest newsletter. Read more
6th March 2013

Media-dieting anyone?

The easy access of endless options to satisfy our curiosity and boredom may not be all that innocent. Read more
24th February 2013

Check out our last 'Friday Night with a Difference' at The King's Table

We had a really good evening with some high quality music from Nicki Rogers. Have a look at the 2 minute video. Read more
11th February 2013

TWAM comes to Kenilworth

After lots of planning and waiting, the amazing TWAM ministry has landed in Kenilworth. Follow this link to see the video Read more
14th January 2013

Faith Adventures with our buildings

We are going public with a big and challenging idea for this end of town. Read more
23rd December 2012

Believing in the unseen (like we all do)

Human beings anticipate tomorrow and next year all the time. But how confidently can you shape your future? Read more
14th December 2012

An honest Christmas Prayer

Time to tell it like it really is. (Thanks to Read more
10th December 2012

The accidental change of priorities

Many start out with a real sense of direction, but end up somewhere else. What about you? Read more
5th December 2012

The desire to be in charge

As we head towards Christmas, consider the empires of old, rising and falling. Are you in control? Read more
26th November 2012

Black Friday

A day when people go crazy for a deal. Is there something better? Read more
15th November 2012

New stuff

Here's plenty of stuff to enjoy and look forward to! Read more
22nd October 2012

Ordinary people who believe

Perhaps its time to stop presuming that normal people don't believe in God anymore. I keep meeting plenty who do. Read more
11th October 2012


I'm learning to see that working with others is so much better than doing things in isolation! Read more
1st October 2012

What is this gospel?

Sometimes stereotyped, often misunderstood. Here's one attempt at capturing this thing of beauty. Read more
24th September 2012

The Right Way Up

Some of us are daring to pray for the sick to be made well. Read more
10th September 2012

Do you know how messy church can get?

Hear a bit about our new adventure with Messy Church on the third Sunday of the month Read more
30th August 2012

The most important things

A busy life can distract us from the most important things. What are they? Read more
1st August 2012

Lay it down

In the summer time, many people have a break. But what should we be laying down? Read more
24th July 2012

Begin again

Do you need a fresh start? Maybe there is a way to begin again Read more
9th July 2012

Did you know? (Misconceptions)

Here is a list of things we may have not realised before. Some trivial stuff, and some important stuff. Read more
26th June 2012

The man who got his hands dirty

Is the Christian faith all theory? or is it something that connects with real life? Read more
11th June 2012

Where do you belong?

All of us need somewhere that feels like a social home. Where is yours? Read more
4th June 2012

How full is your tank?

Here are a few thoughts about our tendency to 'run dry', and where we might find a better supply. Read more
26th May 2012

When do you stop?

Andrew talks about the need for us all to rest regularly and recharge our batteries. But why? and with what? Read more
16th May 2012

Making a difference

Andrew is in training. Faith leads us to be active, and Andrew is aiming to raise money for a good cause. Read more
1st May 2012

St John's Church New Website Launched

St. John's Church has launched it's new website today! Watch the welcome video from Andrew Attwood. Read more
16th March 2012

Andrew's Reflections on 2011-2012 at St John's Church

It is always good to look back over this last 12 months and hereís a reminder of the churchís last year... Read more
11th March 2012

Joint Baptism Service

Watch a video of the Joint Baptism Service that took place on Sunday 11th March 2012... Read more
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