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Making a Difference

No earthly good?

Sometimes Christians have been accused of being ‘too heavenly-minded to be of any earthy good’.

This betrays the deeply earthed activity of our great leader and example. Jesus was born into a real family, under the oppressive boot of the Romans, where he would have learned his earthly father’s trade. Jesus was a builder carpenter before he began his public ministry, and he retained this genuinely practical approach to life.

Watch the Master at work

Photo of staff praying before opening the King's Table cafeWhen Jesus healed the sick he was not only restoring people physically, he was enabling them to work and earn again. When Jesus raised the status of women and children, he was reordering how society should be. When Jesus first preached, he said that he had ‘good news for the poor’ (Luke Chapter 4:18). He intentionally worked with the marginalised and socially rejected. He stood up to uncaring leaders and rebuked them for their unacceptable attitudes. This picture we have of ‘true humanity’ gives us a model for living and a manifesto to live by.

This is why our third church purpose statement calls for Social Transformation!

Isaiah 61, Revelation 21 and The Lord’s Prayer

The key text Jesus quoted in Luke 4 was taken from the Prophet Isaiah. It outlines a radical change for the world. It talks, not about a distant heaven, but about the kingdom of heaven coming to influence earth in tangible ways. In the book of Revelation (Chapter 21:1-2) we see heaven literally landing on earth from above. Likewise, when Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he said pray, “Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

At the end of his earthly ministry Jesus said, ‘Just as the Father sent me, so I send you.’ His followers are to make a significant difference on earth, for good, as a sign of Christ’s present kingdom. If you have a growing heart to serve and transform, both in and beyond church community needs, find out more here.