St John's Kenilworth - here to bring real change

About Us

St. John’s is a worshipping Community made up of all ages, from babies to folks in their nineties. Like others in our town we are a rich mixture, employed and not employed, single, married and divorced.

Some have kids at home, others are retired. We have fun together, see life as an adventure, struggle with life’s pressures, succeed and fail, work hard at caring for people and do our best to make a positive difference in the world. we hope you would find us to be pretty normal. We are presently about 300 adults and 30+ children.

Church of England

While we are part of the Anglican Church, working well with Bishop Christopher who leads the Coventry area, we are primarily a group of people who worship God. We use many styles of worship. from liturgical to Charismatic, depending on which time you attend. We also relate warmly to many other churches and church leaders in our town. 

To live out our purposes, the shape of our church structure is as follows:
  • Several distinct communities, united in our Purposes, with a particular community calling, made up of Connect Groups
  • Leadership Teams for each community
  • A Resourcing Team to equip and plan church development
  • The PCC to steer church according to our Purposes, Rhythm and Values