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Welcome to St John's Church, Kenilworth!

Most people need friendship, answers, inspiration and energy just to keep going! Our church is made up of ordinary people learning to follow God, extending a hand of friendship where we can. We haven’t got everything figured out, but believe that Jesus makes all the difference. We hope that this website is a taste of who we are, with help to discover what you may need.

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The main church building is currently closed for refurbishment.  Most of our services are being held in the church halls, except for a joint 10am Sunday service at Kenilworth School.

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St. John's Church follows the Diocesan guidelines for safeguarding, regarding children and vulnerable adults. 

The direction of the church, which now includes exploring Mission-shaped Communities, is best understood by listening to Andrew Attwood's talk "An Essential Step" - found on our Recent Talks page:

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We are an Evangelical/ Charismatic Church who believes that we are saved through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and that we can have life in all its fulness by accepting Him as Lord and Saviour of our lives. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives today.

St John's Church adheres to this Basis of Faith

A short note here will not give you a full taste of everything we believe, so why not come along to one of our services, either at Warwick Road or Knights' Meadow, and worship with us

You & God

Become the person you're meant to be. Find out how to personally explore and deepen your connection with God.


St John's Communities

Church is a vibrant collection of loving communities. You're welcome to join us!


Making a Difference

As we follow Jesus, our desire to serve and love others grows. Find out about the many ways we are making a difference.